TIME TRAP (Robo Race)


Students are required to design a manually controlled robot with the given dimensions. The robot has to overcome many obstacles in the automated arena. The obstacle contains bridges, moving platforms, rotating levers, etc,. No external mechanism is needed by the robot to complete the given tasks. Most of the obstacles can be easily overcome by either pushing or maneuvering through the track in a controlled manner.

  • The rounds will be decided according to the number of groups participating.
  • The team completing the task in the minimum time will win the race.

Rules & Regulation : 

  • The team should not consist of more than 4 members. 
  • Each member from same college is not mandatory. 
  • The robot should follow the robot specifications provided. Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will lead to disqualification. 
  • Once the race begins, three hand touches are allowed and on using those you have to start from the last check point. 
  • No test practice will be allowed on the main arena. 
  • Terminals for charging the battery will not be provided in the college. 
  • The arena may subject to change before the commencement of any round. 
  • If the Robot crosses a checkpoint, and moves off track, then the Robot would be placed back on the previous checkpoint crossed. 
  • The decision of the judges will be final and abiding. Argument with judges in any form will lead to the disqualification of the team. 

Robot Specifications : 

  • Lego kits are strictly not allowed in any form. 
  • The L X B X H should not exceed 25 X 25 X 25. 
  • The net weight should not exceed 3 kgs. 
  • However a tolerance of 5% is acceptable. 
  • Wired or wireless robots are allowed.
  • If RF (Wireless) controller is used, dual frequency is a must in order to avoid RF jamming. The dual frequency should be such that it can be switched to either frequency just before the start of the run.
  • The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track (around 17m or more) and the wire should remain slack during the complete run. 

General Rules : 

  • The team would consist of maximum 4 members. 
  • The structure of the robot should not be changed during the competition. 
  • If the robot by any chances falls from the bridge, the robot will be kept back to the previous checkpoint crossed with a penalty. 
  • During the game play, if any part of a robot is destructed/ dismantled/ damaged the participant will be given a timeout to repair at an expense of a penalty.
  • A total of 5 minutes run time (arena time) will be given to every participant. 
  • A maximum of 3 attempts will be allowed in this 5 minutes, the commencement of the second attempt will be on request of the participant and consent of the judge. 
  • If the total time taken by the robots exceeds 10min’s the participant would be disqualified. 
  • No readjustment is allowed during the run. 

Eligibility : 

All regular students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in the event. 

Registration fee is Rs.200/-
(To be paid at Sakshi Towers, Banjara Hills, Road No-1)
Hyderabad Helpline : +91-9666421880,+91-9505981114

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